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SpainCooking Vacations, Foodie Tours, Culinary Getaways

Few countries in the world offer the diversity of cuisine as Spain. Because of its geography, Spain offers a wealth of delicious fare including steamed seafood, braised lamb, wine-rich sauces, and the unique use of fresh ingredients and spices. A variety of dishes incorporate ingredients such as chorizo which is spicy sausage, lechazo asado which is roasted milk-fed lamb, cheeses, wine, shellfish, and fresh fish. Each region in Spain offers its own exciting and unique cooking styles from Andalusia's fried and battered fish to Seville's sweet pastries, from paella originating in Valencia to gazpacho native to Andalusia. No culinary tour in Spain would be complete without learning to cook Fabada Asturiana, a hearty stew combining the flavors of saffron, chorizo, pork, and white beans. For those seeking the height of culinary adventure, Spain offers an unparalleled array of cooking styles, recipes, and ingredients.

Choose one of our Pre-Packaged Vacations to Spain

A Showcase of Spanish Cuisine in Madrid
If Spain is the country of passion, Madrid is the city that sparks its flames. This week long culinary immersion is packed with entertaining delights like a sweets tour, tapas tour, wine and brandy tasting, and hands-on cooking classes full of authentic Spanish dishes. Come experience the heart and soul of fiery Madrid!
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Location: Madrid, Spain
A Taste of Barcelona Culinary Vacation
This week you will explore the full range of food, culture and cuisine in Barcelona. Staying in the heart of the city, will enhance the experience of enjoying the real Barcelona and all its modern and historic offerings. The cooking classes offer a variety of Catalonian cuisine and the expertly guided tours show the best of a city known for its passion in enjoying all things food, art, music, beach and culture related.
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Location: Barcelona, Spain
Flavors of Spain The Andalusian Way
The week will explore the culinary jewels found in the Costa del Sol. An abundance of regional cooking classes, wineries, olive oil production, foodie tours and authentic cultural experiences are all on the menu. Become fully immersed in the art of cooking and entertaining, professionally guided by your internationally trained chef.
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Location: Gaucín, Spain

Taste What's Happening!

Montilla-Moriles Wine-tasting Festival

4/23/2014 - 4/27/2014
Over 20 bodegas (wine-cellars) take part, and the people of Cordoba come in their droves to taste the local wines and traditional tapas.

April Fair

4/23/2014 - 4/30/2014
For one week life in Seville revolves around this fiesta. The music, food, dancing and general joy create a very special atmosphere. Dates approx.

Feria de Sevilla

5/5/2014 - 5/10/2014
Food, drink, music and lots of dancing.


5/6/2014 - 5/31/2014
Tapas route. Get a drink and tapas for 2 euros in bars in the Sant Antoni area of Barcelona.

Snail Festival

Lleida, Catalonia
5/23/2014 - 5/25/2014
It's not just the French that eat snails. They're also a delicacy in Catalonia. Celebrate the culinary delights of the little molluscs.

The Fair of Cordoba

5/24/2014 - 5/31/2014
The uplifting sound of Sevillanas, the fino wine, the tapas, the Cordoban hat & the peinetas (ornamental combs) make for an amazing experience.

Vinoble Wine Exhibition

Jerez in Andalusia
5/25/2014 - 5/31/2014
A celebration of sweet and dessert wines in Jerez, the home of sherry.

International Sherry Week

6/2/2014 - 6/8/2014
Celebration of the fortified wine that was invented in Jerez.

Fiesta del Agua y Jamon

6/23/2014 - 6/25/2014
Water & Ham, the town's most famous exports, Enjoy a giant water fight & feasting on locally-produced ham. A novel event that is worth a visit.

Fiesta of San Fermín

7/6/2014 - 7/14/2014
Known for the running of the bulls, a gathering where the partying, the fun and the joy of it all are the most outstanding ingredients.

Malaga Fair

8/9/2014 - 8/16/2014
Celebrated with a range of activities such as competitions, performances and concerts, fireworks; and bullfights.

Tomatina Tomato Fight

The world's most famous food fight.


Sant Sadurni in Catalonia
10/3/2014 - 10/5/2014
A celebration of cava, the local sparkling wine. Dates approx.

Alora Soup Day - Día de las Sopas Perotas

They aren’t actually serving soup - it’s a very hearty local dish based on fried bread crumbs and vegetables reported to be tasty fare indeed.

Bread Festival - Fiestas del Pan

10/18/2014 - 10/19/2014
Locals are keen to welcome visitors to their pueblo and the streets will literally be decked out with bread for the festival.

Tasting Quince

Puente Genil
Usually occurs in competition about a hundred quince meat, which first gives taste to the jury, and then the other attendees.
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