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MoroccoCooking Vacations, Foodie Tours, Culinary Getaways

Influenced by Mediterranean and Arab countries, Moroccan cuisine embodies a wide range of tastes and flavors, enhanced by unrefined olive oils, preserved lemons, and flavorful dried fruit which add zest to sauces and stews. Moroccan cuisine is unique because authentic dishes use more spices, including turmeric, cumin, saffron and coriander. Versatile couscous is combined with beef, lamb, poultry or seafood in many authentic Moroccan dishes, including Pastilla, a pigeon meat pie. Another Moroccan favorite, Tajine, which is a slow-simmered stew made of lamb, fruits, and plethora of Moroccan spices, delights culinary visitors. Morocco offers visitors a taste of authentic cuisine, a truly unique blend of flavors, and dishes that will impress even the most seasoned foodie.

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An Enchanting Moroccan Duet Tangier & Tetouan Culinary Getaway
This culinary sojourn is ideal for travelers seeking an exotic destination abundant in history that comes alive at every turn. Discover the richness of traditional cooking classes and guided cultural tours in both cosmopolitan Tangier and undiscovered Tetouan.
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Tangier, Morocco
Exotic Morocco: A Culinary Expedition in Fes & Marrakech
"Morocco" brings to mind the fantastic and mysterious. Explore this fascinating cross-roads of cultures, continents--and cuisines. Arab, Berber, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and African influences create an invigorating and intriguing mélange of spices and specialties, which you will sample... and attempt to emulate with friendly cooking instruction in Fes, and Marrakech.
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Fez, Morocco

Taste What's Happening!

Rose Moussem

5/1/2016 - 5/31/2016
Rose water is offered to guests before meals as a symbol of hospitality; buy rose products or enormous bunches of roses to dry. Dates approximate.

Tan Tan Moussem

Tan Tan
5/25/2016 - 6/8/2016
The desert is filled with nomadic tents selling traditional Moroccan products & traditional Moroccan food. Late May-early June. Dates approximate.

Cherry Festival

6/17/2016 - 6/20/2016
Varieties of cherries grown in the Sefrou area are featured, includes dancing, singing, parades and the election of the Cherry Queen. Dates approx.

Apple Festival

Immouzer du Kandar
8/1/2016 - 8/31/2016
A moussem for harvesting apples and pears. Dates approximate.

Setti Fatma Moussem

Setti Fatma
8/15/2016 - 8/19/2016
Celebrated at a shrine for only Muslims; however, the village hosts a fantastic carnival & tourists are welcome. 4 days in mid-August. Dates approx.

Ahwach National Festival,

9/1/2016 - 9/30/2016
See precious manuscripts in the Tamgrout Zaouiä Museum or taste nutmeg dates with mint tea in the Amazrou palm grove. In September. Dates approx.

Date Festival

10/1/2016 - 10/5/2016
3-day carnival held in October, just after the date harvest to celebrate another successful season & plentiful date harvest. Dates Approx.
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