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LouisianaCooking Vacations, Foodie Tours, Culinary Getaways

Not long ago, there was a scientific study that ranked Louisiana as the nation’s happiest state. Many reasons likely led to this distinction, but it's pretty sure the incredible Louisiana cuisine played a role. Bite into a beignet and see if a smile doesn't break out. In Louisiana, the people don’t just eat. They dine with gusto. Louisiana foods are a connection to the state's diverse heritage, one that includes French, Spanish, African, and German influences. It is over a meal that Louisianans come together in celebration, whether it’s a Mardi Gras gumbo or simply a Friday night crawfish boil. On a Louisiana culinary vacation, you'll find the quintessential Louisiana flavors, and you’ll also meet the people behind these great dishes.

Choose one of our Pre-Packaged Vacations to Louisiana

New Orleans Culinary Getaway
Located near the heart of the New Orleans near the French Quarter district, you will check into your luxury accommodations. You'll dine in one of New Orlean's most sophisticated restaurants, discover the secrets of Cajun and Creole cuisine and taste your way through the French Quarter in a culinary tour.
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New Orleans, Louisiana

— Louisiana Cooking Schools —

Culinary Institute of New Orleans
New Orleans 504-525-2433
Designed for the gourmet enthusiast, guests will learn about the lifestyles, heritage and foods of Louisiana. Instructors prepare the menu selected before the live audience. Guests will dine on all dishes prepared at class conclusion. Pricing varies depending on the specific dishes, clothing and products included.
Prejean’s Cooking School
Lafayette 337-896-3247
As a student at Prejean's Cooking School, you'll learn how to cook three traditional Cajun dishes: crawfish etouffée, seafood gumbo and Acadian style bread pudding. Our chef provides expert instruction while each student is served each of these wonderful dishes.
Taste and See Personal Chef Services
New Orleans 504-231-7128
Learn how to cook traditional Creole or Cajun dishes in the privacy of your home. Learn some classical cooking techniques. We are also available to provide cooking classes for a group of your friends.
Young Chefs Academy ®
Baton Rouge 225-928-2022
Young Chefs Academy offers cooking classes to children in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity. While learning food preparation skills is the main ingredient, each class adds a heap of kitchen safety, a scoop of etiquette, a handful of table setting, and laughter to taste.

Taste What's Happening!

Alligator Festival

9/26/2014 - 9/28/2014
Southern LA's best food! Alligator Burgers, Alligator Sausage Po-Boys, Fried Alligator, Alligator Wrap Pie, Chicken/Andouille Gumbo, and more!

Zwolle Tamale Fiesta

10/9/2014 - 10/11/2014
Reliving the area's heritage with plenty of delicious hot tamales, entertainment, arts and crafts, dancing, and parades.

World Championship Gumbo Cook-off

New Iberia
10/10/2014 - 10/12/2014
Great music and popular food items, down town shopping deals, museum tours, food booths, and the best gumbo in the world.

Bridge City Gumbo Festival

Bridge City
10/10/2014 - 10/12/2014
Bridge City's "world famous" Gumbo, both seafood and chicken/sausage gumbo will be prepared for our visitors during the festival.

Rice Festival

10/16/2014 - 10/19/2014
Events include rice eating, cooking, and grading contests.

St. John Andouille Festival

10/17/2014 - 10/19/2014
Features music, good times and of course great food featuring Andouille, the delectable sausage for which the festival was named.

Louisiana Gumbo Festival of Chackbay

10/17/2014 - 10/19/2014
A family festival held every third full weekend of October in Chackbay, the "Gumbo Capital of Louisiana".

Louisiana Yambilee Festival

10/22/2014 - 10/26/2014
Celebrating the Sweet Golden Yam (sweet potato).

French Food Festival

A celebration of Cajun French heritage featuring food, music, dancing, carnival midway, art show, folk life demos & more!

South Louisiana Blackpot Festival & Cookoff

10/24/2014 - 10/25/2014
Old-fashioned black pot cook-off, great music, an accordion contest, called square dancing, camping & jamming.

Sweet Dough Pie Festival

Grand Coteau
The event will celebrate the unique culture and history of Grand Coteau with a sweet dough pie contest, guest speakers, arts & crafts, and music.

Giant Omelette Celebration

11/1/2014 - 11/2/2014
The cooking of a 5,000 Egg Omelette! Authentic Cajun Food, Art Show, Musical Entertainment, Antique Car Show, Kid's World, and much more!

Louisiana Pecan Festival

11/7/2014 - 11/9/2014
Featuring locally grown pecans, foods, and history.

Plaquemines Parish Fair & Orange Festival

12/5/2014 - 12/7/2014
The Parish is a region of ecological wonder with its many waterways, fishing and hunting grounds, and the best Citrus in the Country.
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