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Certified Culinary Travel Specialist Program

Submit the form below to enroll in our Certified Culinary Travel Specialist program.

At Epitourean, we are committed to true Travel Agent partnerships. Join CCTS and we’ll help you grow your business, one Edible Destination at a time.

Enjoy exclusive CCTS benefits, including:
  • Enhanced & graduated commissions
  • Commissions paid when travel commences
  • Agent-only promotions, ready to share with your customers
  • Direct access to Edible Destinations internal travel specialists
  • Culinary experiences customized for your clients
  • Assistance with Brochure Tools to market directly to your clients
  • Assistance in developing your own Group Culinary Tour
  • Discounts for Group Bookings (minimum 6)
  • Flexibility with adding pre and post stays

As a CCTS member, your input is always welcomed. Our goal is to create unique and enticing culinary experiences you can share with and book for your clients. We’ll happily work with you to ensure satisfied customers who come back again and again!

Sign up for your personal agent code and enjoy the benefits right away!

Questions about the CCTS program? Click here to contact us and learn more.

Member of ASTA Member of ATTA
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