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Due to the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in today, Epitourean wants to ensure that our guests understand that your health and welfare is our top priority. We are allowing travelers to postpone vacations to future dates without any penalty. We regret any disappointment and inconvenience that these changes may cause, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult time together.

Extraordinary circumstances call for certain adjustments to be made in accordance with flight schedule changes, cancellations and reduction in operations by partner suppliers and service providers, numerous site closures globally, US and foreign government-imposed travel restrictions, quarantines and other responses to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel FAQs

Q - If I am scheduled to travel in August, September, or October what do I need to do?
A - If your tour is set to depart in August, September, or October you may postpone your tour to future dates without penalty and retain any promotional pricing. If you aren’t sure what new dates you would like, you can elect to have your tour placed in floating status with full credit. You will have the ability to choose available dates (up to 3 years from the date you contact us) at a time that is convenient for you. Tours commencing June onward are still scheduled to proceed as planned. However, should you wish to postpone, we will accommodate those requests without penalty.

Q - If I am scheduled to travel in November or December 2020, what do I need to do?
A - If your tour is scheduled between November 1st and December 31st, 2020, there is nothing for you to do at this time. Our team is prioritizing urgent cases and are asking travelers to be patient as we help those who are in greatest need for immediate assistance.

Q - Do I have to rebook the same tour for future dates?
A - No. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, we are allowing guests to apply their tour payments to any available tour we offer for future dates. If you booked one of our Land + Air tours, our team will work with you to reschedule air as well.

Q - Why can’t I just get a refund?
A - This is a very fluid situation that goes far beyond anything that Epitourean can control. Due to contracts we have with airlines, suppliers and vendors, and those deposits or full payments made on behalf of our guests, we are unable to address refunds at this time. We will endeavor to secure credits from our partners in order to accommodate cancelation requests, but we cannot guarantee refunds at this time. As stated above, we will allow all guests to postpone to future dates with full credit.

Q - Should I call right now to reschedule if not traveling soon?
A - If you are scheduled to travel between October 1 and December 31, 2020, we ask that you defer your calls for now as we are still addressing urgent issues related to guests traveling within the next 60 days. You have plenty of time to modify your travel dates without any penalties at all.

Travel is about experiences that we all hold dear in the form of memories. We revisit these memories often, in the least expected times. They bring both joy and comfort, and they deserve to be counted among our most prized possessions. The time to travel will return soon, and when it does, both demand and prices will increase sharply. We encourage our valued guests to factor this into all planning.

As a reminder, due to large call volume, please be patient as our first priority is to assist those customers with immediate departures. We recognize this is a frustrating time and we are working to support all of our customer’s concerns. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


Edible Destinations Team