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Grand Sicily Culinary and Cultural Expedition

(Unwrapping Sicily's Gastronomic & Archaeological Delights along Its Eastern Shore)

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7 days | 6 nights

Exploring Sicily’s Gastronomic and Archaeological
Delights on Its Eastern Shore and Medieval Villages

It is fitting that culinary enthusiasts come to Sicily, as it is said that the first school for professional chefs was founded in Syracuse, and the first recorded cookbook was written by Siracusan Mithaecus in the fifth century BC. Sicily's delights are as palpable as they are palatable: the amalgam of cultures and culinary traditions on the island have allowed for some of the best of the bests to emerge as inspiring hybrids. Manifested in architecture, art and aliment the Greeks, North Africans, Normans and Romans all contributed to what makes Sicily so unique. It is the nexus of Mediterranean flows and fusions; a happenstance anchored in ardor and rooted to a land whose simplicity is sprinkled with opulence and relished by a resourceful population ready to open its heart and its kitchens to share the creative curiosities held within.

Grand Sicily Culinary and Cultural Expedition

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Itinerary Accommodations Map FAQ
Please note: Our tours are designed with flexible itineraries to accommodate seasonality and desired dates of travel.
4 Star Hotel Accommodations
Round-Trip Catania Airport Transfers
Breakfast Buffet Each Morning
6 Dinners, 2 Lunches, 5 Tastings
Vineyard Tour with Wine Tasting
Castle of Solacium Guided Tour
Visit to Noto, a UNESCO Site
Morning Excursion to Modica
Hands-On Chocolate Workshop
Afternoon Excursion to Ragusa
Catania Tour and Market Visit
Citrus Farm Cooking Class with Wine
Marzamemi & Avola Fishing Villages
Almond Museum Visit & Tastings
Pastry Chef Demonstration & Tastings
Nero d’Avola Wine Tasting at an Enoteca
While our tours are designed as soft adventure experiences, walking, climbing stairs, and in rare cases mild hiking may be required. If you have mobility issues, you should speak with one of our culinary travel specialists to determine if this tour is appropriate for your situation.
April 16 - 22, 2023 and October 22 - 28, 2023.
Please note: Actual itineraries are subject to change due to seasonality.
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Day 1
Arrival in Catania | Check-In Land at the Catania airport, where your tour leader and private shuttle await to take you to your hotel on the beach near Taormina. Enjoy some free time to unwind post-flight, relaxing at the hotel or strolling on the beach before your welcome dinner is served at the hotel. (D)
Day 2
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Excursion to Syracuse | Ortygia Market | Neapolis Archaeological Park Begin the day sipping some great southern Italian espresso and cappuccinos at your hotel. After breakfast the private shuttle and tour leader will take you to the heart of ancient Syracuse and its bridge-linked island, Ortygia. A private guide will take you to learn about the Greek Temple of Apollo, as well as the Byzantine, Norman, Medieval, Baroque and Neoclassical influences that make up the museum-like center of the historic city that was once one of the greatest ports of trade in the world. The walking tour will take you to visit the lively market. Follow the insider tips your guide gives you on where to enjoy local favorites for lunch on your own. After lunch you will be taken to the church of San Giovanni. The church itself is lovely, but what makes the structure truly fascinating is that its humble entrance serves as a portal to the other-worldly underground city below it. With a network of streets, caverns and tombs the catacombs and crypts offer a captivating perspective on the early Christian population that lived here. Try some Sicilian treats at a traditional pastry shop near the church when you've finished the visit. The day will conclude with a tour of the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis before the private shuttle and tour leader take you back to the hotel in the evening for dinner. (B, T, D)
Day 3
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Excursion to the Vineyard & Castle of Solacium | Cooking Class | Lunch | Excursion to Noto The excursion today will give you the opportunity to explore some of the traditions preserved by Sicilian's strong desire to evolve. The visit to the vineyard at the Castle of Solacium will show you how in returning to its "lost wines" a future for them is ensured. Guaranteeing the continuity of the particularities of ancient fruits enables a new market to be found in the old. Try three of the varieties paired with the courses you make for lunch at the fortress during your cooking class. In the afternoon the marvelous city of Noto awaits you; a UNESCO site where, according to legend, Hercules stayed after completing his seventh task. In the evening the private shuttle and tour leader will take you back to the hotel for dinner. (B, T, L, D)
Day 4
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Excursion to Modica | Hand-on Chocolate Workshop at a Chocolate | Excursion to Ragusa The Aztec recipe for chocolate has been preserved and celebrated for centuries in the UNESCO world heritage city, Modica. When the Spanish ruled Sicily in the 1500s the conquistadors returned from South America with xocoàtl (cacao) and techniques to combine the bitter substance with sugar. The ancient method of "cold working" the chocolate paste using a metate crafted from lava stone creates a unique, crunchy consistency of the gold bar-shaped chocolate, while enabling it to maintain its beneficial properties. For generations this chocolate has been one of the world's best kept secrets…so well kept that it's extremely hard to get anywhere off the island. But you can learn about the tradition and try it for yourself at a chocolate producer in a lovely little Baroque city with palm tree-lined piazzas. Enjoy a visit, tasting and hands-on workshop, where you will make your own souvenir bar of chocolate to take home with you! Have some time for lunch in the center of Modica, perhaps walking along the promenade that was once a river until it was covered in 1902. Visit the Baroque cathedrals of its upper and lower towns, both UNESCO sites that competed to rebuild following the earthquake of 1693, before continuing on to another UNESCO city, Ragusa. The private shuttle and tour leader will take you to see the breath-taking city on a hill. In the late afternoon you will return to the hotel. Dinner will be served at the hotel. (B, T, D)
Day 5
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Excursion to Catania for a Market Tour & Cooking Class at a Citrus Farm Enjoy a vibrant visit of the Catania market and fish market before going to the Sicilian countryside. Smell the sweet citrus that surrounds you as you pull up to the local farm. Taste three of the wines made there as you begin the cooking class. The group will be divided into "teams" for the class, with each team creating a different, local dish that will then be shared for lunch. As you eat you will be instructed to think about and evaluate the flavor combinations, logic and traditions that have gone into putting them together. Go home with a shopping list and recipes for the meal you made. In the evening enjoy dinner at the hotel. (B, L, T, D)
Day 6
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Fishing Village of Marzamemi & Avola Excursion | Pastry Demonstration | Almond Museum Visit | Tasting of Nero d'Avola Wine at an Enoteca Let the sensorial journey lead you along Sicily's southwestern coast. Following breakfast the tour leader and private shuttle will take you to visit the lovely fishing village of Marzamemi, used as a location for many Italian films and just 2 miles away from Pachino, were the delicious little red gems of tomatoes are grown. You will see the tonnara (tuna fishery), which is the lifeblood of the town and the fulcrum from which the town and its sandstone houses extend. The coastal area is full of charm and great little lunch places, which you can use your free time to enjoy and check out on your own. Don't forget to try the local delights like the almond or mulberry granita and red tuna bottarga (dried tuna roe, made using ancient Arab-Phoenician techniques)! In the afternoon you will go to Avola to taste two specialties: Avola almonds and Nero d'Avola red wine. At the Almond Museum learn more about the nut, its properties, its uses and its role in some of the best Sicilian pastries. A pastry chef will then do a demonstration so you can see and taste the local treat. The second tasting of the day will really help you unwind and immerse yourself in the culture: relish 4 wines at an Enoteca (wine bar and shop of a wine producer) accompanied with some delicious, traditional snacks. The shuttle will take you back to Syracuse for your farewell dinner at the hotel. (B, T, T, D)
Day 7
European Breakfast Buffet Start your day off right with a delicious European breakfast buffet to energize you for the adventures ahead. Savor fresh fruits, juices, coffee, yogurts, breads and pastries, charcuterie, as well as cooked items.
Departure and Check-Out After a lovely week in Sicily it's time to take the private shuttle back to the Catania airport for your departure. Buon viaggio!
Castello San Marco
This princely 17th century Baroque residence offers 28 comfortable garden suites in 10 acres of landscaped parklands. Traditional Sicilian hospitality, beautiful historical buildings and modern elegance in the guest rooms make for a unique stay. The castle is situated by the sea although it is hidden away by a wealth of trees and greenery. The grounds are perfectly situated between the romantic town of Taormina and the fiery volcano Etna and is surrounded by a flourishing and calm Mediterranean garden. Castello San Marco is conveniently placed to visit some of the most interesting sites in Sicily, with no less than three natural parks: Mount Etna, the Alcantara river and the Nebrodi natural park. Each offers their own unique and outstanding beauty not easily forgotten by those who visit.
Syracuse, ItalyCatania, ItalyModica, ItalyRagusa, ItalyMarzamemi, ItalyAvola, ItalyNoto, Italy
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